Kathryn Cataldo & Kevin Kowalick

Where to begin? We are a pair of New Jersey based adventurers, activists, nature lovers and, of course, photographers. Our passion for exploring the unknown is what brought us together, and chronicling our expeditions has only made us closer. We have already authored our first book, "Essex County Overbrook Hospital",  through the Images of America series by Arcadia Publishing. As a result of our work with historical preservation, we have had the opportunity to photograph a number of truly beautiful buildings. Our goal is to use our photographic skills to help promote the various organizations that work to save these buildings. 

When we aren't out exploring, we enjoy working to create down-to-earth family photographs, as well as documenting a wide variety of events and product showcases. We are available on a freelance basis for photography, videography, journalism and other small business needs. With backgrounds in marketing, administration and social media outreach, we share our talents with others to help them create a professional profile for their resume, projects or company. We have successfully managed accounts with over 10,000 followers and have had our work featured on numerous local, regional and nationwide news outlets. You can view our gallery here. Contact us today for more information about our photo packages!

I was born and raised in South Jersey, just a few minutes outside Philadelphia. I moved away from my hometown when I was just barely 18, and have been exploring the world ever since. My passion for photography began when I was a child. I've amassed boxes upon boxes of film photos over the years and later switched to digital around 2005. It's amazing to think back on the evolution of cameras in my life, starting with polaroids and later expanding into 24 megapixels. 

When I was a kid, I documented everything. Pets, friends, the weather, creepy old buildings. Since then, not much has changed. What prompted me to ask for my first DSLR was my volunteer work at an animal shelter. I found that my old point-and-shoot cameras were not quite getting the job done in poorly lit spaces with moving animals. Another friend that volunteered there showed me her Canon 5D Mark II, and the rest is history. While photography is my passion, my first love will always be working with and caring for animals. I am the sole proprietor of my own small pet sitting company, which you can read more about at AlleyKatNJ.com.  Pet portraits have allowed me to combine the best of both worlds!

I was born in Allentown Pennsylvania, in the Lehigh Valley. Shortly after completing my education and obtaining a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration from DeSales University, I left for New Jersey. My interest in photography came at a very early age. Starting out with digital point-and-shoot cameras, I always had one by my side. I was taking photos of everything I could and capturing the artistic value of what I saw.

I am currently based out of Northern New Jersey and shoot with a Nikon D7200. I specialize in landscapes, architecture, and real estate photography. My other passions include adventure, business, and history. I have had the great opportunity to photograph many historic sites and volunteer with different historical societies of Essex County New Jersey. Combining all of my passions together brings me to where I am now.

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